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Declutter Happy Hour — April Session!

Declutter Happy Hour

Whether Get Organized is one of your goals for 2021, spring cleaning is on your mind, or you’re just plain over the clutter in your home after all these months, Declutter Happy Hour is for you!

We reintroduced Declutter Happy Hour back in February with our friends at Fly Paper. Originally created back in 2009, we’ve updated the tips and mindset tricks and kept the powerful accountability of time to actually work on a project during our time together.

Each of the four sessions starts with a discussion led by Janine and Shannon about an important aspect of the decluttering process and the mindset shift that goes with it.

Then, during the class, you get time to work on a decluttering project. We are with you the whole way to answer any questions and provide support and encouragement.

By the end of a month of Declutter Happy Hours you’ll have let go of more than just stuff and you’ll have the tools to take on decluttering projects on your own!

The four-session series is just $100, and is held every Wednesday in April, at 4pm PT/6pm CT. Grab your seat at eventbrite before the fun starts on April 7th!

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