Show Notes

Episode 148: Living with Less

As the teachers of a class on decluttering, Janine and Shannon know that living with less leads to more ease. This week, they discuss how the pandemic has affected people’s decluttering efforts and not letting perfectionism get in the way.

Discussion topics include:

  • Happy birthday to Shannon! (Her second pandemic birthday.)
  • The pandemic’s strange effect of making some people want to hang on to more tangible items because they’ve lost so many intangible things during the last year
  • The great feeling of a lean closet
  • Janine’s excitement over getting some new accessories to wear with her 100-day dress and the second wool dress she’s getting from Wool&
  • How Shannon’s once-lean closet has crept into feeling crowded again
  • Shannon’s renewed desire to live with less stuff in her closet (and goal to work on that before this episode airs)
  • Janine’s encouragement to Shannon to declutter her closet live during the April Declutter Happy Hour
  • The decluttering benefits that Shannon and Janine experienced during the February Declutter Happy Hour
  • Shannon’s reframing of decluttering: Rather than thinking of it as letting go, she’s thinking of it as giving herself something
  • Benefitting others by letting go of stuff that no longer serves you
  • Letting go of perfectionism around how to donate the items you’re ready to release
  • The ease of living that goes along with letting go of excess
  • Janine’s goal of getting her taxes to the accountant by the time this episode airs
  • Shannon’s re-embracing of Todoist for her task management (which we promise to cover in a future episode)

Update: We both made progress on our projects (Shannon’s closet and Janine’s taxes) but did not quite finish before we published this episode. The accountability of mentioning it in this episode sure helped!


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