Show Notes

Episode 147: Post-Pandemic Planning

Now that more and more of the U.S. population is getting vaccinated, it feels like the light is shining at the end of the tunnel. In this episode, recorded shortly after Janine got her first vaccination, Shannon and Janine talk about planning for how we want our lives to be once things feel more “normal.”

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s elation over unexpectedly getting her first COVID vaccination
  • How the light seems to be shining at the end of pandemic tunnel
  • The impact of COVID vaccinations on a personal level (it made Shannon cry!)
  • How the vaccination made Janine ponder what might happen with her business now
  • How being vaccinated might alter our behavior in public
  • The good behavior changes brought on by the pandemic and how we hope some of them stick when it’s over
  • How the pandemic has somewhat paradoxically allowed us to spend more time with friends
  • Our dislike of large Zoom calls (except for Janine’s birthday scavenger hunt over Zoom)
  • An aside about Shannon’s gigantic hands on Zoom
  • Taking stock of what has been nice about the pandemic and what the pandemic has taught you never to do again
  • Some of the shifts and changes the pandemic has brought
  • Recognizing that it’s not like a switch will get flipped and the pandemic will be over
  • The value of knowing what is important to you as you fashion your post-pandemic lifestyle


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