Show Notes

Episode 139: Coping Imperfectly

We’ve all had a whole lot to cope with in the past year. Shannon’s year was made even more difficult at the end of 2020 when her mother passed away. In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss how to cope imperfectly during difficult times (big hint: grant yourself some kindness and grace).

Discussion topics include:

  • The passing of Shannon’s mother several weeks ago
  • The difficulty of going through the mourning process during a pandemic and all the other recent tragic events
  • How we’ve kept the podcast going imperfectly during this difficult time by repeating episodes
  • Finding gentle ways to copy without worrying about living up to a preconceived standard
  • How Shannon didn’t anticipate what would be important to her after her mother’s death
  • Shannon’s “No Regrets” mantra and how it worked out well for her
  • Coping imperfectly by giving yourself a lot of grace
  • Remembering that we might not feel like we think we’re going to feel when something bad happens
  • The importance of making pre-death decisions and arrangements
  • The magic question to ask yourself when coping: “What do I need in this moment?”
  • Shannon’s imperfect way of coping with her tendency not to eat when she’s experiencing stress
  • Using wine to cope (or not)
  • Allowing yourself to have fun and laugh even during tough times
  • The bottom line: No matter what you’re coping with, allow yourself to navigate in the moment and set yourself up for what you think you might need



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