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Episode 91: No Regrets


Regret feels like a negative emotion, but in this episode, recorded in person in Walla Walla, Janine and Shannon discuss how considering regret can be a helpful barometer when making a decision. And they use a recent real-life set of decisions that brought them unexpectedly face to face to illustrate!

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s decision to make an emergency trip to Walla Walla when her brother became ill
  • How Shannon’s offer to drive her from Portland to Walla Walla made the decision (and the whole experience) much easier
  • Using the absence of regret to help make decisions
  • How both Shannon and Janine regularly use regret as a decision-making barometer
  • How thinking about regret can help you think through things
  • Looking out for your future self
  • Being in touch with what’s important to you to help you know what you might regret
  • Shannon’s biggest regret: Not taking travel opportunities
  • Balancing caring for others with caring for yourself
  • How considering regret can help you live in a more positive way
  • Avoiding regret in the future
  • Cutting yourself slack when you feel regret: You were doubtless making the best decision you could make at the time.
  • Shannon’s assessment of Walla Walla’s famous (on this podcast) potstickers

Comment from Janine: After 22 days in the hospital with severe pneumonia, my brother, Scott, was released to a nursing home in Walla Walla where he’s rehabbing before going back to his home.

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