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Episode 125: Authenticity

Shannon and Janine both embrace being authentic. But we understand that if you have a tendency toward perfectionism that it can be hard not to strive to appear perfect. In this episode, we discuss the value of authenticity and how it can make your life easier.

Discussion topics include:

  • How perfectionism can make it harder to show up authentically and be your true self in public
  • How sharing your own imperfections can help you help others.
  • Shannon and Janine’s “warts and all” approach to presenting themselves
  • How this podcast helps us be authentic
  • The value of being approachable and human
  • How Janine came terms with being authentic about being messy as a professional organizer
  • The imperfection that is baked into our podcast
  • How being authentic is much less stressful!
  • The self recrimination behind not living up to a persona that you created
  • Saying what you think even if you think the other person won’t want to hear it
  • Making (sometimes false) assumptions about what people are asking
  • Shannon’s trick: She assumes that anyone who asks her something is thinking, “Doesn’t hurt to ask”
  • The freedom of not caring how you’re perceived as long as you’re being authentic
  • Shannon’s approach to authenticity when she was dating


1 thought on “Episode 125: Authenticity”

  1. Getting started again in listening to GTGE as things came up and I couldn’t commit to listening every week. Today is January 1st and I am starting a new business as a productivity specialist in the New Year. I *really* needed to hear Janine’s “confession” of being a messy professional organizer. I have struggled with clutter and disorganization all my life. I just spent a year of reading everything I could on the subjects and have found a way to live a happy and productive life, using what I have learned. I want to help other people find their way as well. Wish me luck!

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