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Episode 123: Adapt with Ease

Shannon and Janine recorded this episode after experiencing some pretty significant unanticipated events on our September trips. Shannon’s eastern Oregon RV trip was disrupted by heavy smoke from the wildfires and Janine, whose stay in Walla Walla was also affected by the smoke, had to grapple with her computer becoming inoperable during her big driving trip. This week we discuss how our careful preparation–and knowing what’s important to us–allowed us to adapt with ease when faced with the unexpected.

Discussion topics include:

  • The high levels of wildfire-related smoke that Shannon and Janine were experiencing at the time we recorded this episode
  • How Shannon’s trip to eastern Oregon was affected by the smoke and the ways she and her husband adapted their itinerary to accommodate it
  • The considerations they made to allow them to have a successful trip despite the disruptions
  • Once again, the importance of knowing what is important to you
  • Janine’s computer malfunction that threw her for a big loop
  • The 90th birthday video gift for her father that was imperiled by her computer meltdown
  • How Janine had to embrace good enough to be able to present her gift to her father (it turned out to be a wild success!)
  • The hand-made thank-you note Shannon left for park rangers to thank them for the cleanliness of the pit toilets
  • The silver linings of the adaptations
  • Janine’s decision not to visit Mount Rushmore, despite spending the night in Rapid City

Note: We delayed publishing this episode by a week because the Get Out the Vote episode felt more urgent. So Episode 123 was actually recorded before Episode 122.


1 thought on “Episode 123: Adapt with Ease”

  1. Sounds like you both had adventures on your trips…and isn’t that the whole point of travel? I am glad you were both able to adapt to all of your mishaps.

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