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Episode 122: Get Out the Vote

Janine and Shannon agree that this November’s election feels like the most important in our lifetime. We’re committed to helping get out the vote and want to help you make sure you’re able to vote. We also want to help you help others vote, so we’ve put together some resources to help make taking action easier.

We discuss the following steps with resources for each in the Links section below:

Level 1: Make sure you’re able to vote
  • Check to see that you’re registered
  • Know your voting options + deadlines
  • Make a plan to vote

Level 2: Promote voting among your friends, associates and neighbors

Level 3: Volunteer to help
  • Seek out volunteer groups whose work resonates with you
  • Send postcards/letters/texts
  • Volunteer as a poll worker

Level 4: Give money to candidates and causes


Level 1:

  • One-stop voting registration and poll information:
  • The League of Women Voters website where you can educate yourself on the issues on your ballot:

Level 3:

Level 4:

We are sincere in our desire to help you figure out how to vote and how to help others vote. If you need any help, please reach out at or give us a call at 413-424-GTGE (4843).

2 thoughts on “Episode 122: Get Out the Vote”

  1. Thanks for the links. I filled out my Missouri form on and will print it out. Just so you know, our ballots don’t need to be MAILED by 13 days before Election Day but RECEIVED by then!

    1. Actually, they need to be received by 5 pm on or before November 3. So mailing them 13 days before should be ample time. At least that’s true in St. Louis City and County! But I’m glad I mailed mine in early October.

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