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Episode 102: The Good Enough Decision

Making decisions can be particularly challenging for people who have perfectionistic tendencies. And with so much uncertainty right now, decision making is even harder. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss striving for good enough, rather than perfect, when making decisions.

Discussion topics include:

  • Satisficers vs maximizers
  • How the maximizer likes to weigh all possible options in order to make the best possible decision
  • How the satisficer, by contrast, makes faster decisions with less research and struggle
  • The fact that, paradoxically, satisfiers tend to have more satisfaction with their decisions
  • How perfectionism can play into being a maximizer
  • How this played out in Janine’s recent rug purchase
  • Shannon’s strategy for making decisions easier (key ingredient: she figures out why the decision is important to her)
  • How this played out in Shannon and Janine’s recent purchase of a podcasting microphone
  • Viewing decisions as “for now” rather than forever
  • How the current uncertainty because of COVID-19 makes decision-making even harder
  • Shannon’s strategy of healthily postponing decisions during times of uncertainty
  • How postponing decisions can actually create a little comforting certainty
  • Janine’s approach to easy decisions
  • The two-out-of-three rule for making good enough decisions
  • Avoiding regret by recognizing you made the best decision you could at the time (and learning from it)
  • How Shannon makes choosing from a menu at a restaurant easier
  • Janine’s tried-and-true strategy for ordering at a restaurant


2 thoughts on “Episode 102: The Good Enough Decision”

  1. Great job, as usual! I listened to this episode weeks ago and am finally here to share a technique I use to help clients feel satisfied with their decisions (I keep it in mind for myself as well). I learned about it in a Lifehacker article titled “Use Louis CK’s 70% Rule to Avoid Decision Paralysis”. Essentially, if you are 70% happy with a decision, just go for it. Why? Because: 1) as soon as the other options go away the pain of deciding is over, so now you’re at 80%. and 2) then you start seeing more advantages in the choice, which brings you to 90%. And 90% is pretty great!

  2. I like Hazel’s description of the Louis CK 70% rule! I am pretty good at making decisions. I may ask a person whose opinion I value, but I generally just make the decision. Most decisions can be backtracked if necessary. There are very few avenues in life that are cast in stone.

    And I totally agree that “satisficer” is a made-up word! I dislike it intensely.

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