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Episode 101: Cultivating Friendships

During this time of isolation, our friends are more important than ever. In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss making and keeping friends, without letting perfectionism get in your way.

Discussion topics include:

  • How a silver lining of the COVID pandemic is that we’re spending more time (virtually) with friends
  • A Zoom prank Janine and her college buddies played
  • We’re living in the future—even better than on the Jetsons
  • How social media can help maintain friendships, but can also present some challenges
  • Not letting perfectionism get in the way of contacting someone
  • Trusting that there’s no wrong way to reach out to someone
  • How perfectionism eroded Shannon’s enjoyment of Words with Friends
  • Remembering that if you’re afraid of being rejected by someone, they may be feeling the same way
  • Not taking it personally if someone doesn’t respond as you expect
  • How the more frequently you talk with friends, the easier the conversations are
  • Making new friends and creating meaningful relationships as we age
  • How starting a new friendship is like dating
  • Keeping in mind that it’s (often) not about you
  • Letting friends know you’re thinking about them (it can be as easy as sending a random Bitmoji)
  • The appeal of putting pen to paper and sending a letter these days
  • Remembering to let cultivating friendships be easy and fun!

3 thoughts on “Episode 101: Cultivating Friendships”

  1. I started listening to your podcasts 2-3 months ago. I listened to a few then started at the beginning (a1 or 2 each night). As a perfectionist, I had to listen to them in order. I find them interesting and helpful. I try to implement some of your advice. But honestly, I’m not always successful. Definitely still a work in process.

    I heard #82 last night. Sorry that Shannon won’t be able to do her walk in Portugal and Spain in May. Must be so disappointing.

    1. Being a work in progress is what it’s all about Ellen! Finding small ways to let it be easy, and be good with good enough will make a difference for you over time.

  2. Ellen, nice to see that another person decided to listen to them all in order. I am not alone! I have a friend who is 34 (I am 59, nearing 60) and she sends me little care packages from time to time. I have given her stuff, too, but it is so nice to go to the mailbox and find a little padded envelope in the mail. I MISS personal mail. I used to write my Nana all the time when I was younger and now I know how much she must have appreciated my cards and letters. I just wish I had more friends I could write!

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