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Episode 100: Our 100th Episode!

This week Janine and Shannon are lifting a glass to this podcast’s 100th episode. We spend this episode celebrating and sharing the lovely feedback and greetings we received from listeners in honor of our 100th episode.

Discussion topics include:

  • How we promised one another we’d do the podcast until it stopped being fun—and it’s still fun!
  • How the podcast has exceeded our expectations
  • We never thought we’d make it to 100 episodes
  • We never dreamed we’d be listened to in so many countries (and by so many people)
  • We encourage anyone who’s thinking of doing a podcast to go for it!
  • The celebratory messages we received from listeners
  • How we all deal with perfectionism, even if we don’t call it that
  • To-do list bingo and the great way caller Amy uses it!
  • How happy we are that listener Hazel chooses to listen to us when she’s stressed out
  • “Done is better than perfect” and “let it be easy,” the two mantras that have helped listener Christy so much
  • Our assurances that you don’t have to listen to all 100 episodes of the podcast (but we’re thrilled if you do!)
  • Our delight at listener Rob’s insightful message – he’s our #1 fan in Walla Walla!
  • Our gratitude to our listeners and especially to the folks who called in this week



2 thoughts on “Episode 100: Our 100th Episode!”

  1. I have not been able to listen to GTGE for a few months due to life getting in the way. So it was fun to start listening again and realize that I HAD sent you a congratulatory message. “I have no memory of that” is my third mantra. My friends get really tired of hearing me say that! But I am happy to say that I am back in the saddle and listening to GTGE again. I get so much out of it! Way to go on your 100th, Janine and Shannon!

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