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Episode 158: Function vs Beauty

Is it more important for something to be beautiful or functional? This week Janine and Shannon (recording together in person!) discuss this important question. While sometimes you can have both function and beauty, we agree that focusing on function can help you get past perfectionism so you can actually create a solution you’re seeking for a problem.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our giddiness over podcasting together in the same room
  • The inspiration for this post: Shannon’s new laundry basket system
  • Shannon’s realization that her desire to replicate a beautiful handcrafted laundry basket holder meant she didn’t have any system at all
  • The less-fancy system that Shannon created based on her inspiration system
  • How having laundry baskets that match one another is infinitely better than unmatched, old hampers
  • The result: A not unattractive (though not beautiful), functional system
  • Janine’s functional leash-storage system (that is better than a pile)
  • The value of thinking of the less-than-perfect system as an interim step
  • Simplifying laundry
  • Shannon’s onion bowl: A wonderful blend of function and beauty
  • Choosing lovely containers for items that stay out in the open
  • How beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder


Half of Shannon’s laundry system:

Shannon’s functional and pretty onion bowl:

Here’s a picture of Janine’s pen collection that she’s not ashamed to display in her living room:

Janine's pen collection

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