We want your questions!

Introducing, Q & A on the 5s! We’re going to answer your questions about good enough vs perfectionism or anything else pertaining to the world of Getting to Good Enough, on each episode whose number ends in five.

Simply call the GTGE Hotline and record a voicemail with your question. We’d love to use the recording of your voice asking the question, though we can read it if you’re shy about that. The GTGE Hotline is 413-424-GTGE (or 413-424-4843). Just leave a voicemail with your question and we’ll answer it in a future on Q & A on the 5s episode.

Other ways to ask your question:

  • email us a voice memo of the question (
  • email us the old-fashioned way using your fingers on a keyboard
  • fill out the contact form by clicking the “Contact us” link above
  • ask us on Twitter (@gtgenough) or in our Facebook group

Besides questions, we’d love to hear your comments on past episodes, or ideas for future episodes.

Go ahead, give us a call!




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