Show Notes

Episode 8: You Be You

We all do things differently–and that’s okay. In this episode Shannon and Janine talk about how it doesn’t matter how you do things, as long as your way is working.

Discussion topics include:

  • Why comparing yourself to others isn’t helpful
  • How it’s your own standards (not your mother’s or the media’s) that matter
  • Dispelling some myths about professional organizers and life coaches
  • “Faking it until you make it” (or not)
  • Janine’s freak out when she invited a group of professional organizers to her home

PleaseĀ note: We had some technical difficulties with this episode, which was originally supposed to be Episode 5. It kicked our butts. As a result, you might notice a few sound problems. But we liked the content so we embraced good enough and published it. We hope you enjoy it enough to overlook the sound issues.


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