Show Notes

Episode 78: Words Matter

Words matter when we talk with other people and language is also important when we’re talking to ourselves. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss how the words we use can reveal perfectionism and shifting that language can help us get past it.

Discussion topics include:

  • How words can make a difference in your thinking about yourself
  • The role of words in helping you let go of perfectionism
  • Reframing “good enough” as something to strive for, not settle for
  • The freedom of “good enough” vs “the best”
  • Adding the phrase “for now” to make decisions feel less dire
  • Paying attention to those words that end with “-est” to see when you’re applying pressure on yourself
  • How the language that we use can imbue the wrong feeling in us
  • The folly of seeking the best way to do something
  • Adventures in needle felting
  • The phenomenon of “visible mending”
  • Paying attention to our language as a way to move forward and as a way to recognize when we’re getting mired in perfectionism
  • How making tiny shifts in wording in your self talk can help steer you away from perfectionism
  • That changing words can change how you feel about something


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