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Episode 55: Letting It Be Easy


Janine’s four favorite words are “Let it be easy” and she says them to anyone who will listen (including, frequently, Shannon). This week Shannon and Janine discuss the value of that mantra and how we try to let things be easy in our lives. And, as usual, we discover that it all boils down to knowing what’s important to you.

Discussion topics include:

  • How Shannon and Janine spent time together in Portland this week, but didn’t manage to record a podcast
  • How her mantra, “Let it be easy” benefits Janine
  • The expanded version of the mantra, from coach Michael Neill: “Why is it so hard to let it be easy?”
  • How Shannon has tried to let it be easy as she deals with getting around on crutches (which is decidedly not easy!)
  • Janine’s “let it be easy” approach to her photo-scanning project
  • How Janine’s clients respond when she urges them to let it be easy
  • Janine’s super power
  • Putting the “let it be easy” filter on the planning for an upcoming genealogy research trip
  • The value of getting clear on why something is important to you
  • The fact that complicated systems are doomed to fail (particularly filing systems)
  • The “let it be easy” approach Shannon and Janine took to starting this podcast (we went from idea to execution in less than two months!)
  • How recuperating from ankle surgery has helped Shannon practice letting things be easy
  • The fact that letting it be easy often means embracing good enough


2 thoughts on “Episode 55: Letting It Be Easy”

  1. I have to admit, since I’ve been listening to this podcast the last few weeks, that Janine’s mantra, “Let It Be Easy,” has seeped into my brain. More often than not, every time I start a project or task, I can hear in the back of my brain and I say it out loud. Very helpful!

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