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Episode 37: Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder, founder of MeetEdgar

We’re thrilled to welcome Laura Roeder, founder of MeetEdgar, the social-media marketing application that changed the way many people post to social media. Shannon and Janine talk with Laura (a naturally good-enough person) about how she deals with perfectionism on the part of her team members and customers, how to know when something is good enough to launch into the world (before it’s perfect) and the difference between thinking about your goals and actually working toward achieving them. Laura offers lots of great insights!

Discussion topics include:

  • The fact that Laura is naturally a “good enough” person but can get perfectionistic in her area of expertise
  • Dealing with team members who are perfectionists
  • Knowing when something is good enough to release into the world
  • Recognizing that most situations aren’t life and death
  • The value of “done for now”
  • How Laura deals with perfectionists among her customers (hint: she tells them what to do!)
  • Understanding the questions behind the questions
  • The elusive nature of data (and how hard it is for us to draw conclusions from it)
  • The value of leaving evidence so that you know you’re at good enough
  • How perfectionism can stymie people


  • MeetEdgar, the social media application Laura founded that allows you to automate and schedule your social-media posts. Laura is offering GTGE listeners a one-month free trial of MeetEdgar. Just use the coupon code PODCAST when signing up.

1 thought on “Episode 37: Laura Roeder”

  1. Interesting podcast. I like the GEIP (Good Enough in Practice) podcasts because they help me see how other people are getting to good enough.

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