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Episode 36: Feeling Satisfied

Feeling satisfied–even when something isn’t perfect–allows you to embrace a good-enough mentality. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss the importance of finding (and recognizing) satisfaction. Feeling satisfied doesn’t lead to complacency–in fact, it’s life enhancing.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s shocking (to Shannon) inability to tell a joke
  • How feeling satisfied is an important aspect of a good-enough mentality
  • Looking for places to feel satisfied without perfection
  • Paying attention to what you can do instead of what you can’t do (and feeling satisfied with that)
  • Shannon’s post-concussion challenges and how she is trying to feel satisfied with what she is able to do
  • Gratitude vs satisfaction
  • Setting yourself up to feel satisfied by putting the brakes on perfectionism
  • Applying this concept to your task list (hint: include tasks instead of projects on your list and keep the list short)
  • How being satisfied with less than perfect doesn’t make you complacent
  • The fact that feeling satisfied can actually enhance your productivity
  • How you can feel satisfied with something while also looking to improve it (which Janine is proving with her new yoga practice)
  • Cultivating the habit of finding satisfaction in where you are, rather than waiting for satisfaction to find you


1 thought on “Episode 36: Feeling Satisfied”

  1. “Pinterest-fueled Perfection.” I love this line. I got off Pinterest a couple of months ago, and I have never been happier. No longer am I comparing myself to stay-at-home moms who have all day to organize their homes, labeling everything within an inch of its life. (I don’t mean to disparage moms. It’s the ones who make a competition out of being organized to perfection that get me.) When I deleted the Pinterest app from my phone, I kept getting email notifications from them. So I requested no more emails, and I no longer have anything coming in from Pinterest. My account is still active in case I want to go on to help plan a new project, but the daily onslaught of notifications is over and done with. When I look at how far I have come with decluttering and organizing my home, I feel satisfied. When I compare myself to others, I find myself lacking. I have spent the last three weeks on an organizing kick thanks to the “Fast-Track Clutter Clearing” course at, and I am amazed at my progress. I have clutter-cleared 49 boxes of stuff. I am now down to a reasonable number of boxes that are just papers and photos which I will be going through during Karen’s “Clear Your Paper and Digital Clutter” course in September. In August I am planning on re-taking her “Top-Down Zero Procrastination” course which helps you get in touch with your life’s purpose and how to organize your life to express your purpose. I took her “Clear Your Clothes” course in April and I have kept my closet and dresser drawers neat as a pin since then. I am satisfied with where my home is headed, and that is saying a lot for me. In truth, I am satisfied with where my LIFE is headed.

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