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Episode 3: Backsliding

Everyone backslides. Shannon and Janine see it all the time in their clients (and we experience it ourselves, too).

In this episode we discuss how backsliding is part of the process and how important it is to be kind to yourself when it happens.

Other topics include:

• What to do if you backslide
• How to avoid backsliding in the future (spoiler alert: daily habits can be really helpful)
• Janine’s effort to get back into Todoist after backsliding with it
• How being kind to yourself is good self care


4 thoughts on “Episode 3: Backsliding”

  1. Backsliding. Nope, I never do this. Ha! I set up clutter-free zones and the next thing I know, clutter returns. It’s a constant struggle. I have been working at putting some systems in place to combat this tendency. Little by little, they seem to be working. Too bad you’re not in Kansas City, Janine.

    Thanks for the tip on Todoist. I took a peek at it this morning and I may have to investigate further. I use a spiral notebook to write my To-Do’s. I have recurring items that drive me crazy having to rewrite each day. Being able to put it into a digital format may be just the thing I’m looking for. The only thing that I’m wondering about: Is clicking a button when you finished a task as satisfying as checking it off or drawing a line through it?

    1. Christy, I live in St. Louis and sometimes go to Independence to do genealogy research, so you could hire me to help you with your clutter. 🙂 You may hear in subsequent episodes that I have shifted from Todoist to Trello for task management. In Trello, I typically create Kanban-style task boards where I drag the card with the task from “to do” to “done.” That feels very satisfying! –Janine

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