Show Notes

Episode 222: Charitable Actions

It can be so rewarding to volunteer for a deserving organization. But it can difficult to find the right place. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss some considerations and strategies for finding an organization to donate your time or money.

Discussion topics include:

  • Avoiding perfectionism in finding a place to volunteer
  • How Shannon found her volunteer gig at a pediatric ICU
  • Ways to let it be easier to find volunteer opportunities
  • How it’s hard to take action when you don’t what you want to do
  • Considerations for selecting a charitable action
  • Some different ways to volunteer
  • Trying out some places before making a long-term volunteer commitment
  • Some of the benefits to volunteering
  • How perfectionism can also get in the way of donating goods
  • Some of the perils to wanting to donate to the perfect charity
  • Oregon’s Cultural Trust that can help make it easy to donate


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