Show Notes

Episode 220: A Trip of a Lifetime

We’re back! After an absence of six weeks, Janine and Shannon are happy to be back at their microphones! This week we’re discussing Shannon’s trip of a lifetime, her 217-mile walk along the Camino de Santiago. In the episode we learn all about her amazing trip, including how perfectionism sometimes reared its head.

Discussion topics include:

  • Shannon’s daily routine while she was walking the Camino
  • The details of Shannon’s solo trip (she walked 217 miles in 18 days!)
  • How Shannon shared the images and memories of the trip each day
  • How perfectionism got in the way of her keeping a sketch journal of the trip
  • The after-the-fact sketch journal she’s now creating
  • How this really was a “trip of a lifetime”
  • Finding accommodations the night before vs planning multiple days at once
  • How it can feel like more pressure to get it right when you’re traveling alone
  • Shannon’s “finish line” experience at the end of the walk


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