Show Notes

Episode 190: Feeling Satisfied (Redux)

This week, we’re re-running an episode we originally recorded in January 2019. Despite all the changes that have happened since then, the message still rings true!

Feeling satisfied–even when something isn’t perfect–allows you to embrace a good-enough mentality. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss the importance of finding (and recognizing) satisfaction. Feeling satisfied doesn’t lead to complacency–in fact, it’s life enhancing.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s shocking (to Shannon) inability to tell a joke
  • How feeling satisfied is an important aspect of a good-enough mentality
  • Looking for places to feel satisfied without perfection
  • Paying attention to what you can do instead of what you can’t do (and feeling satisfied with that)
  • Shannon’s post-concussion challenges and how she is trying to feel satisfied with what she is able to do
  • Gratitude vs satisfaction
  • Setting yourself up to feel satisfied by putting the brakes on perfectionism
  • Applying this concept to your task list (hint: include tasks instead of projects on your list and keep the list short)
  • How being satisfied with less than perfect doesn’t make you complacent
  • The fact that feeling satisfied can actually enhance your productivity
  • How you can feel satisfied with something while also looking to improve it (which Janine is proving with her new yoga practice)
  • Cultivating the habit of finding satisfaction in where you are, rather than waiting for satisfaction to find you


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