Show Notes

Episode 189: Clearing Your Mind

When your mind is too clogged with thoughts for your comfort, there are some things you can do for relief. This week and Shannon and Janine discuss some techniques clearing your cluttered mind.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s cluttered mind
  • One of the most obvious strategies for clearing your mind: Writing things down
  • The tricky way our brains count thinking about something as doing something
  • How writing things down lets you focus on other things + helps put things in your long-term memory
  • Hand writing something vs typing it into a computer
  • The more senses involved in something the easier it is to remember it
  • The value of writing things in a  consistent place (like a Bullet Journal or Evernote)
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques to focus on one thing and quiet your mind
  • Paying attention to your breathing
  • A strategy for clearing your mind to go to sleep: Coming up with a list that is enough to occupy your mind but not interesting enough to keep you awake
  • Janine’s enthusiasm for Fifty Nifty United States, the song she learned in grade school that has benefitted her so much
  • Allowing thoughts to pass through your mind without paying attention to individual thoughts
  • Letting go of worry by asking yourself whether there’s anything you can do about it now


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