Show Notes

Episode 155: Financial Wellness

Ariel Nathanson, a financial coach and owner of Finances for Feminists, is this week’s special guest. Shannon and Janine talk with Ariel about women, financial awareness and getting past perfectionism when it comes to your money.

  • Our excitement over our special guest, Ariel Nathanson, who is both Janine’s friend and Shannon’s client
  • How Ariel helps women attain clarity around their finances as a financial coach with Finances for Feminists
  • How women in particular tend to be reluctant to talk about money
  • Ariel’s mission to change the conversation around money
  • The common misperception that money is bad
  • How fear and vulnerability can make those conversations difficult
  • How perfectionism can be tied to fear of being judged (or judging oneself harshly)
  • The reluctance to face reality that can come with perfectionism
  • How a financial coach can make it easier
  • The power of curiosity to diminish perfectionistic tendencies
  • Ariel’s curiosity of what finally got Janine to try YNAB (You Need A Budget), the budgeting software that Janine and Shannon love so much
  • How interacting YNAB has become a daily treat for both Shannon and Janine
  • Shannon’s former belief that if she had enough money she wouldn’t have to think about money; the opposite has proven to be true
  • The exercise around mindful spending that Ariel does with her clients, where she asks them to reflect on how they feel about each expenditure
  • How paying attention to how you feel about spending money can shift your spending patterns
  • The “naturally slender eating technique” in NLP that is similar to the mindful spending technique
  • Values-based spending
  • Getting in touch with your feelings if you have a difficult time looking at your credit card statement
  • Approaching financial awareness in bite-sized steps
  • The areas that Ariel focuses on with her Finance Fundamentals coaching clients
  • How money can be viewed as an opportunity, not a restriction
  • The importance of a good credit score and how it can affect so many opportunities
  • How knowledge can provide power and freedom


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