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Episode 138: Starting a Good Enough Podcast

Way back in Episode 5, we published an episode entitled Good Enough In Practice, in which we discussed how we walked the walk and embraced good enough when we set up this podcast. We think it’s full of useful information, so we’ve decided to publish it again!

Janine and Shannon truly embraced the concept of “good enough” when creating this podcast. In this episode we talk about how we went from idea to launch in less than two months (with five episodes recorded!). It’s been a great lesson for us on the value of letting go of perfectionism.

We let it be easy when it came to:
  • Choosing the podcasting app we use to produce the podcast (we’re using Cast — it’s a super simple way to get started!)
  • Selecting topics
  • Selecting the name of the podcast
  • Deciding what had to be in place before we could launch
  • Creating a logo for the podcast
  • Rehearsing our conversations (or not)

Listen to the inside scoop on how putting “good enough” into practice allowed us to make creating a podcast fun and easy!

Note: This was originally scheduled to be Episode 6, but a technical difficulty made us temporarily shelve the original Episode 5, so this turned into Episode 5.

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