Show Notes

Episode 135: Keeping Challenges Easy

Both Shannon and Janine love taking on time-limited challenges they find on the internet. In this episode, they discuss some of their favorites  while offering some advice on keeping these challenges easy.

Discussion topics include:

  • One of our favorite challenges: Yoga with Adriene’s annual 30 day yoga journey
  • Janine’s 30 x 30 challenge on her genealogy blog
  • National Novel Writing Month (write a novel in 30 days)
  • Keeping the stakes low, but interesting enough that you care to do it
  • Selecting challenges you want, not those you think you should do
  • Janine’s progress on her personal 50-books-a-year challenge
  • How these challenges are a great way to get started on a new habit
  • Avoiding perfectionism: How even a little progress is beneficial with these challenges
  • Creating a range of goals within a challenge
  • Keeping it easy by figuring out what counts (and being really kind in your criteria)
  • The hiatus Shannon has taken in cartooning and how doing a challenge might help her resume it (if she decides she wants to)
  • The key to success with a challenge: Keep it doable, be kind to yourself, have fun!
  • The power of community
  • The 100-day dress challenge Janine recently took on

Note from Janine: I had actually read 48, not 58, books at the time we recorded this episode.



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