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Episode 133: Getting Clear on Your Goals

It’s the last month of the year and we have some goal-setting resources for you! This week, Shannon and Janine discuss the importance getting clear on your goals, especially after a year like 2020. And we talk about the workshop Shannon is teaching on Saturday, as well as our Good Enough Goal Setting kit.

Discussion topics include:

  • We’re looking forward to turning the page on a new year!
  • How the challenges of 2020 might affect our planning for 2021
  • The class Shannon is leading on December 12: New Year Reset
  • How some goals (like Shannon’s goals to travel more) were negatively affected by the pandemic
  • The benefit of thinking about what you want, rather than about what you don’t want
  • Tricky goals like “quit smoking” and “lose weight”
  • How knowing what you want guides you in the direction you want to go
  • The perils of creating SMART goals that you don’t have any control over
  • Our Good Enough Goal Setting kit
  • Getting clear on what you want: the secret ingredient to goal setting
  • The lessons of 2020 and the pandemic
  • One of Janine’s goals: preparing for the worst
  • Some details on how LastPass helps you share passwords in an emergency
  • Some of the simple pleasures that 2020 brought us
  • Thinking about goals as pointing yourself in the right direction
  • Being kind to yourself when you evaluate progress on your goals
  • Paying attention to what ended up not mattering to you


2 thoughts on “Episode 133: Getting Clear on Your Goals”

  1. I started a new business yesterday on the first workday of the New Year. Today, I am doing my goal-planning day. To prepare, I listened to GTGE 30, GTGE 133, and I will listen to the GTGE Goal-setting Kit. I put Looking forward to the hypnosis! I also put GTGE 112 on a recurring appointment for July 1st of each year. Interesting take on Shannon’s disregard for SMART goals. It seems like everyone is touting those these days. I liked the part about how you should not set up SMART goals you have no control over, e.g. how many new clients you get versus showing up and talking to people who are likely to hire you. I have a friend who says, “Set an attendance goal for yourself.” It’s all about showing up. To that end, I have set a recurring appointment on my calendar for “Deep Work” where I am not allowed to do any minutiae for my business; it will be all about growing my business. I am excited for 2021 to see what it holds for me!

  2. Sorry for the typo above. I would really like your further input on the PowerSheets if you could take a moment to discuss those. Thanks!

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