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Episode 131: Trying Something New

It can be uncomfortable to try new things if perfectionism makes you worry about getting them right. In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss a recent class they took together and how it provided a great lesson in letting go of perfectionism.

Discussion topics include:

  • The class on flowcharting that Shannon and Janine took together
  • How perfectionism came up during this class for Janine but not Shannon
  • How letting go of perfectionism allowed Janine to get a lot out of the class
  • Applying flow charting to Shannon’s question, “Is is time to meditate?”
  • The question Janine flow charted, “How can I design my schedule to write more?”
  • How Janine was glad she let go of her discomfort over not knowing what to expect and signed up for the class
  • “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”
  • How the technique of flow charting can help you let go of a concern about getting things right
  • The imperfections inherent in flow charting
  • The benefit of these reminders about the value of embracing good enough
  • How handmade things are enhanced by their imperfections

Here is a photo of Shannon’s flow chart, “Is it time to meditate?”


And here’s Janine’s flow chart, “How can I design my schedule to write more?”


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