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Episode 130: Making the Best of the Season

The holiday season in 2020 is destined to be strange, thanks to COVID-19. In this episode Janine and Shannon talk about making the best of an unprecedented Thanksgiving holiday. In listening to the episode, we realized that we didn’t directly address some important advice: Think about why the holidays are important to you, and what makes them special, and consider how you can bring some of that into your life, even when you can’t celebrate as usual.

Topics we did address include:

  • The importance of keeping everybody safe by limiting social gatherings, even on Thanksgiving
  • Shannon’s “traditional” Popeye’s Thanksgiving
  • How Janine’s decades-long Thanksgiving tradition is impossible this year
  • Our compassion for people who aren’t able to see their loved ones this year
  • Creating 2020 holiday memories and stories
  • Using the extra time you might gain this year to reach out to others
  • Making yourself feel better by reaching out to someone else
  • The plan Shannon and Janine hatched to play Yahtzee or Scattergories over the internet on Thanksgiving
  • Cutting yourself infinite slack if you can’t do the traditional things you do at the holidays
  • Remembering what we have to be grateful for
  • Accepting the way things things are to reduce stress
  • Recognizing that there’s no perfect or ideal way to spend your time during the pandemic
  • The value of embracing good enough, especially now
  • The wonderful sense of community created by Yoga with Adriene
  • Inviting a friend to do things with you (the internet makes that easy!)


1 thought on “Episode 130: Making the Best of the Season”

  1. The holidays were hard this year for me, but harder still for my friends. They lost their mother around Halloween. They tried to keep a stiff upper lip for Thanksgiving, but then they said no to Christmas. I ate my meal by myself. I hope we are back to normal for the next holiday season. A “Popeye’s Thanksgiving” sounds awesome to me!

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