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Episode 10: {GEIP} The Brain Hat

Janine and Shannon have decided that each episode that ends in a zero will be a Good Enough In Practice {GEIP} episode, where we talk about something that demonstrates how embracing good enough is helping (or could help) one of us.

This week, Janine talks about the knitted Brain Hat she started making for a friend to wear in the March for Science in April 2017. Perfectionism took over and she stopped working on it. This bright pink hat sat in her dining room on a styrofoam head for nearly a year and a half until, prompted by the podcast, she decided to try to get past the perfectionism and finish the damn hat.

Discussion topics include:

  • How perfectionism got in the way of her finishing the brain hat (a brain surgeon is involved)
  • How working on it a little at a time made finishing the hat feel doable
  • How recognizing what was important about the project helped her finish it
  •  How Shannon’s anti-procrastination quiz helped her (and can help you) identify her productivity block

Shannon put on her coaching hat and helped Janine shift her perspective so she could finish the hat.

Comment from Janine: Guess what? It worked! I finished the hat and delivered it to the recipient, Lucinda. She loved it. She even texted that her husband was impressed with it! 

Here are a couple of photos of how the stalled hat looked before Janine resumed work on it, along with a close up of the finished hat and a fabulous photo of Lucinda wearing the hat.




4 thoughts on “Episode 10: {GEIP} The Brain Hat”

  1. First off, love the brain hat! And I’m so glad you have a picture of Lucinda in it because it makes it really come to life. Now I’m getting a Dr. Frankenstein vision of him shouting, “It’s alive! It’s alive!” Maybe brains had something to do with that thought…and now I’m thinking of Marty Feldman in “Young Frankenstein” picking out a brain from Abby Normal. Anytime I can think of Marty Feldman is a day well spent, so thank you for that.

    I took Shannon’s quiz and evidently my anti-procreastination productivity block is a Lack of Confidence. I’m looking forward to receiving Shannon’s email with information about overcoming it. I think the Lack of Confidence has to do with clutter-clearing. There’s a part of me that keeps saying, “Sure, you can try it, but it’s just going to get cluttered again.” My lack of confidence that I can declutter and STAY that way works against me. I don’t seem to have a lack of confidence in other tasks.

    As always, thanks for a great podcast!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the episode!

      So glad you took the quiz and discovered your productivity block. Combining the techniques in the e-book with your Wonder Woman pose and “you can do it, Duffy Moon” and you’ll be unstoppable!

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