Show Notes

Episode 34: Letting Go

Janine and Shannon are experts in letting go. Janine helps people with tangible stuff and Shannon helps them with intangible stuff. So we have a lot to say in this episode about the benefits and process of letting go!

Discussion topics include:

  • How January is a great time for letting go
  • That Janine rarely, if ever, regrets having let go of something (and neither do her clients)
  • How the various terms for decluttering process can change the way you feel about it–and the importance of finding the language that works for you
  • How letting go of beliefs (like perfectionism) can allow you to open up space to do more of what you love
  • A change to our podcast’s tagline!
  • A deep dive into the process for letting of thoughts and beliefs that aren’t helpful
  • How your goals can help your underlying beliefs come to the surface
  • The magic of thinking about your beliefs that might not be serving you and recognizing they’re not true
  • The perfectionistic beliefs Janine had to let go of in order to start a daily yoga practice


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