Show Notes

Episode 26: Multitasking


Many people (especially perfectionists) feel like they’re being more productive when they attempt to do multiple tasks at once. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss why the opposite is true.

Discussion topics include:

  • The alluring temptation of multitasking
  • That most multitasking is not actually multitasking; it’s rapidly switching between single tasks
  • Concurrent multitasking: activities that are possible to multitask
  • Body doubling and how it can help in organizing
  • The perils of driving while listening to podcasts
  • Using ScreenTime on the iPhone to limit the distraction of technology
  • Practicing being mindful as a way to combat multitasking
  • Using a timer to stay focused
  • How multitasking lowers your IQ (says a study)
  • The truth about multitasking: You think you’re being productive and you aren’t!


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