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Episode 25: Q&A 2 – Ease, Unease and Circling Back

In this second “Q&A on the 5s” episode, Janine and Shannon answer some phoned-in questions from listeners.

Discussion topics include:

  • How sometimes ease doesn’t come easily
  • The perennial problem of perfectionism: It can feel uncomfortable to stop at less than 100 percent
  • The discomfort of striving and failing to achieve perfection vs the discomfort of letting things not be perfect
  • How Janine let go of a perfectionistic temptation to rewrite her client’s spice labels
  • Practicing good enough on less consequential projects
  • Revisiting tasks to make good enough better
  • How Shannon gives herself permission to come back to a task, deeming it “good enough for now” which allows her to stop.
  • The freedom of good enough


1 thought on “Episode 25: Q&A 2 – Ease, Unease and Circling Back”

  1. I was amused by the first two callers who each said that they were fine with good enough when it came to listening to your podcasts, that they hadn’t listened to the whole thing sometimes, that they skipped around. I am different in that after listening to a few podcasts earlier this year, I got overwhelmed by clutter and stopped listening. I have been making great strides in getting decluttered — and, by extension, getting unstuck — and I “circled back” to your podcasts. I set myself a goal to listen to all of them in order. On Monday, July 8th, I started listening to Episode 1. I have listened to two a day — and usually listen to each podcast twice as I am not an auditory learner — and here, by Saturday, July 20th, I am listening to Episode 25! I don’t think I am doing it this way from perfectionism. Instead, I consider GTGE to be something like a master class in getting your life back on track. Many thanks for these podcasts and helping me to put “good enough” into practice in my decluttering efforts.

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