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Episode 27: The Thrill of Done

It can be thrilling to finish something. But if a project is large, the thrill can feel like it may never come–especially if you’re chasing perfection. In this episode, Janine and Shannon talk strategies for incorporating the thrill of done into any project so that you can stay happy and motivated while you try to get your stuff done.

Discussion topics include:

  • What’s thrilling about finishing
  • The challenge of building the thrill of done into large projects
  • How to identify “done”
  • Using a timer to help you feel done with something
  • One technique for building done into an email purge
  • How perfectionists don’t get to feel done if they’re trying to get to perfect (because perfect is impossible)
  • Some wisdom from Harold L. Taylor on perfectionism
  • The benefits of celebrating in the middle of the project
  • How breaking a task into small tasks (and calling each task done) can be motivating
  • How Shannon and Janine apply the thrill of done to our genealogy research


1 thought on “Episode 27: The Thrill of Done”

  1. I do enjoy checking things off once I’m done with them. I, too, get a bit of a thrill. I use a little notebook (about half the size of a piece of paper) to write all my To-Dos and appointments on each day. I keep my calendar on Google, but I transfer things to my little book each day with their times so I don’t forget them. I often am too busy throughout the day to go back on and look my calendar, so this helps keep my stuff all in one place.

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