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Episode 104: Try Compassion

What’s the opposite of judgment? It’s compassion. That profound realization is what sparked this episode. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss the need to compassionate about our own perfectionism (and imperfections). And we discuss the importance of having compassion for others.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s efforts to let go of perfectionism prior to her first Zoom presentation
  • A revelation: The opposite of judgment is compassion
  • How part of the problem with perfectionism is how hard we can be on ourselves
  • Looking at what you’re dealing with through a lens of compassion (rather than apathy)
  • Bringing in compassion whenever perfectionism comes up (for you or others) to open up your options
  • How easy it is to be on hard on yourself (even when you’re always kind to others)
  • The cultural idea that we must be hard on ourselves to keep from repeating a mistake
  • How self compassion can help you seek new paths
  • The techniques Shannon uses to help her clients be less hard on themselves
  • That now is a great time to start practicing compassion for yourself
  • How we can’t underestimate the energy it takes to deal with the ambient anxiety of living with uncertainty
  • The effect of pandemic-related anxiety on Shannon’s heart rate variability
  • Extending compassion to those around us
  • Janine’s excitement about a little treat she bought herself: Black Post-it® Notes!


2 thoughts on “Episode 104: Try Compassion”

  1. Janine and Shannon,

    Thank you so much for this podcast. I needed to hear this today as I’m been concerned about how I’ve used this “found” time for the past two months. Beginning now I will be compassionate with myself and not worry about the “shoulds” and “ought-tos” but rather enjoy reading one more book.

    I have been a listener since your first podcast and look forward to being with you each week.
    Stay healthy and safe.

    Gwen Jackson
    North Carolina

    1. Thank you Gwen! We’re so happy you found it helpful. These are strange times, and being kind to yourself helps so much. Enjoy that book!

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