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Episode 105: Enjoying Imperfection

Just think how much easier life would be if you could enjoy imperfection rather than fretting about it. Shannon and Janine’s discussion on enjoying imperfection this episode was sparked by some wonderful observations from Deborah Underwood, a children’s book author.

Discussion topics include:

  • The lovely words in a Facebook post from a successful children’s book author that sparked this post
  • Enjoying rather than criticizing imperfection
  • How what’s perceived as imperfection is what gives things character
  • How less-perfect things can be more charming
  • One reason Janine loves hand lettering: it’s supposed to look imperfect
  • The beauty of Janine’s very natural and undisciplined (though professionally designed) rain garden
  • Formal vs less formal gardens
  • Cobbling together imperfect solutions at home rather than going out and buying closer-to-perfect stuff
  • How our imperfect homemade masks will be an artifact of this time
  • Visible mending and how it highlights imperfection
  • Wabi-sabi, the Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of imperfection
  • The relief of enjoying the natural imperfection of things
  • How letting go of perfectionism allowed Shannon to plan the imperfect vegetable garden that she is now enjoying
  • Shannon’s shift from wanting perfectionism to enjoying good enough and how great that shift feels
  • Getting to Good Enough hitting the charts in several countries (Austria, South Africa and the Czech Republic)!

Here’s the photo of her pavers that accompanied Deborah’s Facebook post we read in the episode:


1 thought on “Episode 105: Enjoying Imperfection”

  1. I look forward to checking out Deborah Underwood’s books. I know another Underwood who is writing children’s books right now…

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