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Episode 74: Be Kind to Yourself

Perfectionists can be really hard on themselves. But there’s an easier way to live. Being kind to yourself is not only more pleasant than being hard on yourself, it’s more effective. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss the importance of being kind to yourself–and various ways to do it.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s overeating of potstickers on her recent trip
  • How overeating something you enjoy may feel like a treat but actually isn’t a kind way to treat yourself
  • Rewards versus punishment in motivating yourself
  • The tool for motivating yourself with punishment
  • How sometimes people think that the need to be mean to themselves to get anything done
  • The (many) ways Janine and Shannon are kind to themselves
  • Talking kindly and encouragingly as a way to be kind to yourself
  • Our advice: Be as kind to yourself as you are to little kids
  • Comparisons to positive dog training and being kind to ourselves
  • Embracing the carrot instead of the stick


1 thought on “Episode 74: Be Kind to Yourself”

  1. I want 24 pot stickers!!! I am really going to need to get out to Walla Walla and try those epic pot stickers.

    I liked this podcast on being kind to yourself. We live in an online world where the anonymity of the Internet makes people think it is okay to have flame wars and be uncivil. Not to mention our current political climate. No matter your political views, I think we can all safely say that the level of polite discourse has degenerated.

    It is important to remember to be kind to yourself. I like the idea of being as encouraging to yourself as you would be to a kindergartener. That will stay with me. Thanks!

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