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Episode 63: Tolerations

What are tolerations? They’re those little things you put up with that bug you. The squeaky hinge. The dirty eyeglasses. You get the idea. This week, Janine and Shannon discuss tolerations and why we should think about addressing them (without letting perfectionism get in the way).

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s wine- and potsticker-centric vacation
  • Some examples of tolerations
  • A classic toleration: Shannon’s squeaky dishwasher
  • How tolerations can be big or small
  • Janine’s outrageously annoying bathroom (and ugly kitchen) that she tolerated for years
  • How it’s not until you address a toleration that you realize how much energy was expended tolerating it
  • Why we tolerate tolerations: Because they annoy us when we can’t do anything about them
  • Another reason we tolerate something: Because it feels difficult and overwhelming to fix
  • The most insidious tolerations–the ones we don’t even realize
  • Making a list of tolerations to address
  • Looking for technical solutions to technology-related tolerations
  • How when you eliminate tolerations you gain energy for things you want to be doing
  • Avoiding perfectionism in finding the fix to your tolerations


1 thought on “Episode 63: Tolerations”

  1. I like the idea of walking around your home with a potential buyer’s “eye.” Why shouldn’t we fix things in our home for our own use and enjoyment now when we’re probably going to have pay good money to fix them for a future buyer? I am going to start a list of Tolerations, but I will probably just call it my “Things That Bug Me” list! Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen, Janine! It’s gorgeous!

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