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Episode 61: You’re Not Behind

Do you stress about feeling behind? This week, Shannon and Janine discuss how feeling behind isn’t productive–it can be stressful and lead to mistakes. We talk about how rather than stressing you, feeling behind can serve as a prompt to step back and rethink how you’re doing things.

Discussion topics include:

  • How feeling behind tends to lead to mistakes
  • How when you feel behind it’s a good time to step back and think about what needs to happen to get you where you want to go.
  • How feeling behind can lead to negativity while turning our attention to what you can do can be much more inspiring
  • Questions to ask yourself that will help you let go of some of the things that you’re feeling behind on
  • Keeping an eye on your priorities and what really matters to you
  • The gnarly cycle: Catch up, take a break, fall behind, catch up again
  • The alternative: Figure out a reasonable way to keep up (and let go of some things)
  • Shannon’s approach to not getting behind in her email (it involves unsubscribing)
  • Reframing what it means when you feel behind
  • Coming up with ways to catch up without falling behind again
  • What do when you feel behind: Check in with yourself about what’s important, reassess what you feel like you need to do and decide what it is you can do
  • Taking the time when you’re feeling behind to set up a system to make it easier going forward
  • How if you’re constantly feeling behind, it may be useful to integrate more reviews into your day
  • Creating ways you can see your progress so you feel like you’re accomplishing something

Past GTGE episodes that we referenced in this one include:

2 thoughts on “Episode 61: You’re Not Behind”

  1. This episode was appropriate for me! I have been scrambling for the last few weeks to “catch up” to your podcast so that I will have heard all of them and learned from them what I could. I would listen to them between breaks in decluttering stuff from my mom’s home; I was never able to do anything *while* I listened because I cannot multitask very well. I am still glad that I listened to them, but I’m so glad I’m “caught up.” I have learned a lot about myself in listening to your series of talks. I believe I am on the road to good enough and am no longer such a perfectionist. However, going forward, it will be nice to just have one podcast to listen to each week!

    1. Congratulations on catching up!! We’re so glad that you’ve found the podcast helpful and that it kept you company during your decluttering. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

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