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Episode 52: A Year of Good Enough

Since this is the 52nd episode of the podcast, Janine and Shannon are celebrating a year of podcasting and discussing what it’s been like living with a “good enough” mentality for a year. (Spoiler alert: It’s been great!)

Discussion topics include:

  • Some things we’ve learned from a year of living the “good enough” mentality
  • How Shannon is more okay with good enough now than she was a year ago
  • The difference it’s made to allow good enough to be good enough
  • How Janine feels better about her pre-existing good-enough mentality than she did before the podcast
  • The benefits of experimenting with good enough
  • Shannon’s good-enough Reading Trello board
  • Janine’s good-enough experience buying a new monitor
  • The freedom of embracing good enough when entertaining
  • How her good-enough mentality helped Shannon figure out how to adapt to her limited exercise ability
  • Electric-bike-buying made easy with good enough
  • Embracing good enough in podcasting (no editing, no rehearsing)
  • Our excellent division of labor in podcast post-production
  • How we never could have imagined a year ago the podcast’s successes
  • How grateful we are to our listeners

Here’s a photo of Shannon’s Reading Trello board:


1 thought on “Episode 52: A Year of Good Enough”

  1. Congratulations on a year’s worth of podcasts! What an accomplishment! I really enjoy listening to you.

    I keep my reading log in Evernote. I have a notebook named “Reading” and have many notes for different authors, all sorted by last name. On each author’s page, I have a link to their Web site and Wikipedia pages. Below that, I keep a bulleted list on each author’s page of the date of publication, the title, and in boldface–whether or not I have read it. No more going back and reading the same books over and over again…except for Mary Higgins Clark! I also have notes in that notebook for “Book Suggestions from Other People” and “Book Suggestions from Magazine Round-Ups.”

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