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Episode 50: Ease Doesn’t Mean Easy

We can’t let it be so easy that we never do anything that’s difficult. But we can introduce ease into difficult situations to make them easier. This week Shannon and Janine discuss introducing ease into even the most challenging scenarios.

  • How some difficult things can’t be made easy, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be ease
  • Debunking the idea that if something isn’t hard it doesn’t count
  • Janine’s disagreement (with her dad) over “taking the easy way out”
  • How Shannon built some ease into the difficult task of training for a marathon
  • Janine’s plans for introducing ease into an upcoming, potentially unpleasant dental procedure
  • “Naked bears”
  • How even if you embrace ease, sometimes you just have to do things that are difficult
  • Shifting your thoughts about how you think about a difficult task
  • Creating ease by planning in advance and taking action
  • Case in point: Moving house is much easier when you plan ahead
  • How Shannon’s most difficult move was only six inches
  • How Allowing yourself plenty of time to do something difficult can build in some ease


2 thoughts on “Episode 50: Ease Doesn’t Mean Easy”

  1. I had to smile when you talked about being early for appointments. My parents always said, “Ten minutes early is on time, five minutes early is late, and zero minutes early is just rude.” I usually try to get somewhere 10-15 minutes early, and I ALWAYS have a book with me wherever I go in case of downtime. My best friend, however, waits until the last minute to leave the house and then is always surprised when it takes longer to get where she’s going than she anticipated. I just couldn’t live that way. Those little pockets of time to read are precious to me!

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