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Episode 45: Getting Back on Track

Even when you’re in the groove on a new habit it can be so easy to hit a snag and get completely derailed. In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss planning ahead for these derailments to make it easy to get back on track.

Discussion topics include:

  • The emotions that come up over not having stayed with something that make it harder to get started again
  • The difficulty of restarting a chain once it’s broken.
  • Making a plan to re-start your habits after a disrupting event (like travel)
  • Creating a lite version of routine or habit to make it easier for yourself to resume a habit
  • Deciding what will count to maintain a habit or routine
  • A powerful mantra Shannon created with one of her clients
  • The power of acknowledging that you messed up
  • Setting your own standards for success
  • The importance of knowing why you want to do something
  • Avoiding getting caught up in creating a habit for habit’s sake
  • Shannon’s come-home-a-day-early strategy that makes re-entry from travel easier
  • Janine’s strategy for getting back on track after an upcoming trip (see below to find out how it worked out)
  • Being gentle with yourself as the kindest way to accomplish getting back on track

Comment from Janine: I ended up doing yoga at my friend’s home four of the six days I was in Charleston.  That felt great and I’m happy to say I was able able to get right back to it once I was home. Also, I did leave myself a nice, cheerful “welcome home” note that allowed to slide right back into my groove upon my return.


2 thoughts on “Episode 45: Getting Back on Track”

  1. On one of your podcasts you talked about Don’t Break the Chain. I have found an Apple app titled this, but is there a similar app for Android?

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