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Episode 43: Money

Money. It’s not a topic many people feel comfortable talking–or even thinking–about. It can be particularly hard for perfectionists to address issues with money. In this episode Shannon and Janine talk about some strategies for getting past perfectionistic barriers to having a good relationship with money.

Discussion topics include:

  • How money can be fraught with emotions
  • How perfectionism can prevent you from doing the things that could help you feel more comfortable and confident around money
  • Shannon and Janine’s favorite financial tool, You Need a Budget (YNAB)
  • How even Janine has gotten a little perfectionistic with YNAB (but she’s using it anyway)
  • The fact that sometimes you have to just start something and use it before you can figure out how best to use it for you
  • Avoiding perfectionism when it comes to your taxes
  • Trying not to sweat the small stuff around taxes
  • How money stuff doesn’t have to be hard–especially if you keep good-enough records
  • Keeping track of passwords, so you can easily log in to your financial accounts
  • Shannon’s love for the password manager, LastPass
  • Creating a plan for sharing passwords and other information in the event of a tragedy
  • How there’s no one right way to do money and taxes
  • The importance of knowing why it’s important to you to improve your relationship with money


1 thought on “Episode 43: Money”

  1. Maybe I will give YNAB another try. I am pretty old-school when it comes to money. I keep a little notebook with me so that I can track my spending and then put the numbers into a spreadsheet that I created. I do most of my actual banking online, but I do still use the occasional check. And thanks for the reminder about my taxes! I really need to get on that. My goal is to have them filed before October 1st.

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