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Episode 31: Done Is Better Than Perfect (Redux)

We’re taking the holiday week off! Instead of a new episode, we’re presenting our very first episode, Done Is Better Than Perfect. Enjoy!

Our first episode! Shannon and Janine talk about a basic tenet of embracing good enough: the idea that done is better than perfect.

We talk about how getting started and finishing something–even if the result is less than perfect–is so much better than waiting for perfect to come along.

Included in the conversation:

  • How perfectionism can keep you from getting started on a project.
  • How being willing to make mistakes makes getting to good enough possible.
  • Strategies for letting go of perfectionism and easing into good enough.

1 thought on “Episode 31: Done Is Better Than Perfect (Redux)”

  1. It was fun going back and listening again to your first podcast. It helped reinforced the “Done Is Better Than Perfect” message that I am trying to instill in my mind. 58 years of perfectionism is hard to break, but I am hopeful and continuing to work on it. Glad you guys found your sign-off!

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