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Episode 254: A Good Enough Goodbye


Janine and Shannon have made the difficult decision to stop recording the podcast. In this episode, we discuss how we came to that decision and how life-changing the podcast has been for us.

We are so grateful to our listeners for their attention and support over the five years of this podcast. We hope that you’ve benefited from listening. Our plan is to keep past episodes of the podcast available indefinitely, so you can listen to any of the other 253(!) episodes whenever you want.

If you’re so inclined, please leave a comment on the show notes of this episode and let us know how Getting to Good Enough has made a difference in your life! Or feel free to leave us a voicemail at 314-413-GTGE.

3 thoughts on “Episode 254: A Good Enough Goodbye”

  1. Hi Janine and Shannon! Even though I expected as much, it was bittersweet listening to your farewell episode. And — dare I say it? — it was perfect. I am sad to see it go, and happy that you both sound great. (All good things come to an end, but it could have been for worse reasons.) If you had someone who listened to 100% of your episodes, then I am your next-most loyal listener at around 99%. Thank you for the many hours of wisdom and laughter. Yours is one of my all-time favorite podcasts and I will continue to recommend your recordings to others. I’m sure I picked up a few new ideas along the way, but I mostly was on board with “good enough” to begin with and I will miss feeling like I’m sitting at the kitchen table with the two of you! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Hazel, thank you for your lovely comment. We’re so glad you enjoyed the podcast so much! Thanks for being such a loyal listener.

  3. Dear Shannon and Janine,

    Thank you for more than 250 episodes of fun and valuable information. I think I have listened to all of them and have recommended your podcast to many people.

    It took me a day to listen to the final episode. I didn’t want to hear that this was the last one. Of course it’s “perfect” that it would end when you both knew it was the right time.

    There are so many times that I am doing things and say, “Done is better than perfect” or “Let it be easy”. I bought my Dyson rechargeable vacuum after hearing about Shannon’s evening routine (we love it). I run our dishwasher every night. I love that too.

    I’m glad the podcasts will still be available. I’ll know where to go when I have a little separation anxiety.

    Wishing you both all the very best

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