Show Notes

Episode 238: Be Your Own BFF

Why are we so hard on ourselves? This week, Janine and Shannon discuss self-compassion and treating ourselves as nicely as we treat our besties.

Discussion topics include:

  • The folly of harping on your past mistakes in an attempt to avoid those mistakes again
  • How constantly reminding yourself of your mistakes makes it hard to do the thing you’re trying to do
  • A technique for letting go of past mistakes
  • Acknowledging a past struggle before asking yourself to do the thing again
  • Shannon’s Boring Change technique that helps you understand the deeper need behind your behaviors (and can help you modify your behavior)
  • Understanding when you’re struggling and being kind to yourself
  • Channeling your own BFF and thinking about what they’d say to you
  • Ask yourself, “What would I say to a friend with this challenge?”
  • Recognizing that you’re not the only person struggling with something
  • Nobody  is flawless!
  • Setting realistic expectations so you don’t beat yourself up
  • How it’s helpful to put a positive spin on things
  • An important reminder: How you choose to perceive things makes a big difference in how you experience them because it has a bearing on what you notice
  • The value of a gratitude journal to help you look for the good things in your life
  • A recipe for being your own BFF: Acknowledge the issues, looking for the good, and let the feelings that the good inspire in you help you move forward


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