Show Notes

Episode 236: Starting a New Adventure

The anticipation and anxiety around starting a new adventure can be even more intense when you’re dealing with perfectionism. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss a new adventure they’re both embarking on and how they’re preparing for it.

  • How Shannon is feeling good (not just better) at good enough!
  • Janine and Shannon’s excitement to be starting the YNAB Certified Coaching program together
  • How there are some nerves mixed in with the excitement
  • Easing our nervousness and setting ourselves up for success
  • Our different approaches to getting ready for this course
  • Electronic vs paper note taking
  • The value of staying flexible when you’re starting something new, because you don’t know until you know
  • How our plans for structure around Getting to Good Enough fell by the wayside very quickly
  • Thinking about whether a project needs to be structured or not when you’re starting out
  • How building in some structure can make a new adventure feel doable
  • Getting in touch with why starting a particular new adventure is important to you
  • Putting your why into a few words to help you stay on track in your new adventure
  • Acknowledging that things probably aren’t going to go perfectly so that you’re not derailed by problems


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