Show Notes

Episode 233: Embracing an Effortless Wardrobe

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be hard. Creating an effortless wardrobe can make everything easier. In this episode Shannon and Janine talk about the benefits of simplified dressing and how they go about making their wardrobe more effortless.

Discussion topics include:

  • Is it a flock or herd of sheep?
  • Janine’s recent closet clearing (including stats!)
  • Shannon’s unhappiness with the lack of ease in her closet
  • Shannon’s unwritten (and perhaps ill-conceived) rule about “wasting” clothing
  • How Shannon handled the logistics of a capsule wardrobe
  • Janine’s experience with Project 333
  • How focusing on a single fabric makes it easy for Janine to keep her wardrobe lean
  • The magical odor-resistant properties of merino wool
  • Strategies for doing less laundry
  • Letting go of the idea you have to wear something different every day
  • The beauty of having a wardrobe that you don’t feel the need to update
  • Shopping for recreation (we don’t recommend it)
  • The environmental impact of creating and maintaining a wardrobe

Update from Shannon: I am loving dressing out of my one section of the closet! While I have enjoyed the ease of wearing the same things repeatedly, I have also had fun getting creative and putting together new outfits with my slimmed down choices.


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