Show Notes

Episode 219: Preparing Imperfectly


It can be really helpful to let go of perfectionism when preparing for big things. Shannon is embracing imperfection in her preparations for her much-anticipated trip to Portugal. This episode Shannon and Janine discuss preparing imperfectly as a way to free yourself from stress.

Discussion topics include:

  • Shannon’s (imperfect) preparation for her month-long trip to Portugal
  • Shannon’s itinerary
  • The 175-mile solo walking part of her trip
  • Janine’s over preparation for her 4,000-mile solo driving trip in 2020
  • Asking for help in finding the right backpack
  • The kindness of Shannon’s naturopath in lending her a backpack
  • Shannon’s walking footwear
  • How Shannon is figuring out what clothing to take on the trip
  • Shrugging off the stress of potentially making the wrong decision
  • Shannon’s mantra: “It will be fine. I can always make a different choice.”

Note: We’ll be taking a few weeks off while Shannon is in Portugal. See you back on October 13!

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