Show Notes

Episode 215: Positive Persistence

Sometimes we have to be persistent in order to settle disputes that arise. And that can be a source of stress. In this week’s episode, Shannon and Janine discuss making resolution easier (and potentially more effective) by staying positive during the process.

Discussion topics include:

  • The happy message on Shannon’s chai latte
  • How Shannon’s husband, Mike, has been a model of positive persistence
  • The emotional toll that calls to customer service or disputes can take
  • How persistence can pay off–and be easier when you keep a positive attitude
  • The value of treating customer service personnel like actual human beings
  • Remembering that you’re dealing with people who are trying to do their jobs (and their job isn’t to make your life miserable)
  • Making other people’s lives better simply by being nice to them
  • News flash: There’s always a way to approach a problem to get it resolved–you’re not at the company’s mercy
  • Stepping away from the situation for a moment to get in touch with why it’s resolving it is important to you
  • How it can be so much faster (and easier) just to pick up the phone and seek a resolution than perseverate about it
  • Taking conflict resolution one step at a time
  • Getting the ball rolling with a phone call rather than putting it off to give yourself space to step away when necessary
  • One of Shannon’s NLP techniques for helping you make that call (it involves the palm of your hand)
  • Asking yourself, “What’s one thing I can do now?” to let go of perfectionism

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